After what we have done just before COP21 in Paris, Andreco came to Puglia and joined “La gioia del creato”, a show dedicated to Bitonto’s former major, architect and painter Umberto “Joditz” Kuhtz. He was asked to bring art in “Area 167”, a market square surrounded by social houses, overlooking the dry riverbed of ancient Tiflis river. Human behaviour brought its life to an end, causing desertification in one of the most prolific olive-oil zone of Europe. This mural is a gift to the local landscape and to the hard work that farmers and workers held up in a long history of struggle with landlords.

“Desert” was also the main theme of TEDxBari, which saw Pigment Workroom as a partner, bringing Andreco on the prestigious stage of Petruzzelli Theater, explaining his point of view as an artist and as an environmental engineer.

The day after was the occasion for presenting our self-made Risograph fanzine in four colors, thanks to Spine Bookstore.

The mural has been produced by Poesia in Azione with the patronage of Comune di Bitonto.