Pigment Workroom is proud to announce to the street art and graffiti community the official inauguration of its activities.

“ENZITETO REAL ESTATE – A colorful escape to the sububrs” is our launching show.
The stage of Pigment’s first intervention is San Pio’s neighborhood (formerly known as Enziteto, and still called like that by its inhabitants) in Bari.
Our first guests are five street artists from Italy: Alberonero (http://www.alberonero.org/), Alfano (http://www.robialfano.com/), Ciredz (http://lovegrayscale.tumblr.com/), Geometric Bang (http://www.geometricbang.com/) e Tellas (http://www.tellas.org/), and they are going to be active on site starting on June, 9 2015. We will soon announce the date of our finissage, a finishing event in which we aim to show photo and video footage of the interventions, and most of all to exhibit the artwork produced by the artists in our laboratory.

The title of the event aims sarcastically at the cliché that wants housing projects neighborhoods to be aesthetically insignificant and in ill repute. On the one hand, ENZITETO REAL ESTATE will try to provide San Pio’s inhabitants with a modest but a meaningful moment of distraction through art and colors. On the other, we wish this to be a stimulus for Bari’s citizens to visit San Pio: a neighborhood, despite its geographic exclusion from the urban conglomerate, that is more and more showing a strong release will from its original condition and its bad reputation, especially by means of artistic and creative activities.

Ours will not be a simple intervention of urban aestheticization an requalification: Pigment and its artists will effectively involve the children, boys and girls of the neighborhood in their creative activities, thus encouraging artistic participation as a form of social activism.

To make this sustainable, Pigment Workroom will regularly produce and sell high-quality, finely printed art, along with a new concept of zines and artist designed apparel.

Our prints will always be issued in a limited edition, numbered and signed by our artists, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. All of our products are environmentally friendly.
Most importantly: they are affordable. We strongly believe that collecting art isn’t a game only for seniors and riches. We want to give all ages-and-wages people the exciting chance of starting their own collection, and at the same time, of letting us help suburbs and abandoned spaces to be part of a vibrant artistic community.

Check our blog (link). Visit our store (link). Feel free to get in touch.

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