Andreco, CLIMATE 03

After what we have done just before COP21 in Paris, Andreco came to Puglia and joined “La gioia del creato”, a show dedicated to Bitonto’s former major, architect and painter Umberto “Joditz” Kuhtz. He was asked to bring art in “Area 167”, a market square surrounded by social houses, overlooking the dry riverbed of ancient Tiflis river. Human behaviour brought its life to an end, causing desertification in one of the most prolific olive-oil zone of Europe. This mural is a gift to the local landscape and to the hard work that farmers and workers held up in a long history of struggle with landlords.

“Desert” was also the main theme of TEDxBari, which saw Pigment Workroom as a partner, bringing Andreco on the prestigious stage of Petruzzelli Theater, explaining his point of view as an artist and as an environmental engineer.

The day after was the occasion for presenting our self-made Risograph fanzine in four colors, thanks to Spine Bookstore.

The mural has been produced by Poesia in Azione with the patronage of Comune di Bitonto.

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Andreco, CLIMATE 01 – Sculpture

Here we go with the second part of Andreco‘s CLIMATE 01 project in Paris: the installation of a 5meters-tall wooden sculpture in the Jardin partagé Beaudelire, a community garden located in an empty lot of Rue Baudelique in the 18th district.

The result of a collective workshop, Andreco’s sculpture has been built around and on top of a tray used to grow herbs and small vegetables, a sort of symbolic “protective armor”. The sculpture is designed in order to interact with the plants of the garden, especially with some climbing kiwis that have been planted together with the residents. As a landmark for the territory, the sculpture becomes a sign for the identity of the garden and the local claims for the environment. This artwork integrates a series of sculptural projects that the artist did for a wider research about the relations between humans and nature.

The revegetation of empty lots is very common in Paris, and particularly in the 18th district. Communities of neighbors get together in order to promote urban horticulture, to prevent overbuilding and to take care of spaces otherwise left abandoned. The artist minds the importance of green spaces in cities for a healthy environment, water and heat management and the good “land use” planning. His artistic practice in the urban context takes also inspiration from the “UGT” Urban Green Technologies, his research topics for many years, and the aesthetic of interstitial landscapes according with Gilles Clement’s “Third Landscape Manifesto” (Manifeste du tiers paysage).

The project has been produced by GFR with the patronage of 18e Mairie de Paris and the Mairie De Paris.


Andreco, CLIMATE 01 – Mural

The Italian artist Andreco has just launched CLIMATE 01, an itinerant and international public art project about climate changes, their causes and their impacts.

As the starting point of this journey, Paris is the scene of a two-acts creation. One stage of this project is the creation of a wall painting that represent the water and CO2 cycles. This mural is featured on the façade of Richomme Primary School, in the 18th district, in the very heart of the historical and multiethnic neighborhood known as “La Goutte d’Or” (The Golden Drop).

It’s not a case that a project that took inspiration from the effect of the climate change on the environment start in Paris at less than one month from the beginning of the Cop 21 forum.

Climate scientists have documented that global warming is happening and that fossil fuel emissions are the primary cause. A wealth of scientific evidence shows that the above impacts are primarily the result of increased levels of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere—carbon that can be traced back to the fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) that fossil fuel companies have extracted and brought to market.

Andreco’s mural means to represent his own symbolic and schematic interpretation of global warming’s main consequences, such as the rising of the sea level, longer wildfire seasons, heavier precipitations and flooding, the intensification of heat waves. The artist gave also a class to the pupils, in which he explained his work and talked about the climate changes that are currently affecting communities, people and businesses.

The project has been produced by GFR with the patronage of 18e Mairie de Paris and the Mairie De Paris.


Bari Real Estate #11: Fish Market collective wall.

BRE15 si è sviluppato nell’arco di tempo che va da maggio e ottobre in un percorso che ci ha portati dalla periferia più lontana, Enziteto, passando dal quartier Libertà sino al centro geografico e culturale, il Murat.
Ai dieci artisti ospitati è stato chiesto, oltre che intervenire sui propri muri personali, di collaborare sulle superfici del Mercato del Pesce di Bari, in Piazza Ferrarese. Questo luogo di incontro fra la nuova e vecchia città si appresta a divenire una delle sedi del futuro polo delle arti contemporanee a Bari. Abbiamo scelto di colorarne i pannelli dei lavori in corso, del tutto a nostre spese, per invitare i passanti a scoprire che esiste un modo di fare cultura che può coinvolgere quartieri e cittadini che normalmente dialogano poco fra di loro. A tal fine il centro turistico IAT in Piazza ospita tutte le nostre opere e documenti espositivi per ricercare i muri realizzati in questi due anni dal nostro collettivo.

Gli artisti che hanno partecipato, in ordine cronologico: Alfano, Geometric Bang, Lauda, La Fille Bertha, MestMove e Soap The Wizard.


BRE15 has been developed in a period that goes from june to october 2015, in a route that brought from the far suburb of Enziteto to the centre of the city.
To all ten artists passed by our studio we asked to collaborate on the surfaces of what used to be the fish market of the town, in Ferrarese Square. This building, that separates the old and the new town, is going to be part of the future Bari’s contemporary art area. We choose to paint the work in progress panels on our own finances in order to remember that there’s an integrative way to make culture in our town, engaging all the neighborhoods and citizens that usually doesn’t seem talking each other.
For this purpose the IAT touristic centre in the square hosts all our artworks, info and maps that indicates all the walls painted in these two years.

Artists involved in the paintings: Alfano, Geometric Bang, Lauda, La Fille Bertha, MestMove e Soap The Wizard.


Bari Real Estate #10: Mart Aires

Dalle parole dell’artista:

“Si tratta di un momento speciale della mia vita. La morte di mio nonno pochi giorni prima di iniziare a dipingere, trovandomi così lontano da casa, mi ha fatto sentire in che modo il modello di vita di mio nonno prendesse piede nella mia esistenza e mi accompagnasse e guidasse verso quello che stavo per dipingere. Sensibile e pieno di gioia per i momenti vissuti con lui, ho sentito il desiderio di cercare le nostre guide nella vita per continuare il nostro cammino”.


From artist’s words:

“it’s a special moment of my life. My grandpa’s death few days before starting painting, so far from home, let me felt how much my grandpa’s way of life was an example in my existence, going along and driving me towards what I was going to paint. Sensitive and full of joys for all the moments lived with him, I felt the need of searching our life-guides in order to carry on our path”.


Bari Real Estate #9: Dem, “Donna, guerriero e essere soprannaturale”

Cosa stanno osservando questi tre colossi? È il mare Adriatico, che si staglia difronte al muro dove l’artista italiano Dem ha deciso di plasmarli. È lo stesso mare che ha dato vita e cultura alle civiltà che colonizzarono la Puglia prima dei Romani: Peucezi, Iapigi, Messapi e Dauni, i cui rispettivi, antichi immaginari sembrano mescolarsi nel coloratissimo trio, composto da una figura femminile, una maschile e una specie di essere mitologico, un animale acquatico. Una statuetta di terracotta del 400-300 a.C. è servita d’ispirazione per la figura femminile, mentre una selezione di steli daune è la base su cui l’artista ha dato un volto a quella maschile, traendo spunto anche per il motivo del “fiore della vita”. L’animale mitologico, una creatura degli abissi, è invece un’invenzione originale di Dem: un essere “potente”, su modello dei Nommo, spiriti acquatici metà pesci metà divinità venerati dal popolo dei Dogon (Mali, Africa occidentale), e comparsi sotto nomi diversi in altre civiltà, tra cui gli Assiri, gli Hopi e gli Aborigeni. Questo terzo elemento è emblematico dello spirito e dello scopo di quest’opera: data la sua particolare posizione nel mar Mediterraneo, la Puglia è sempre stata un crocevia di popoli e un approdo per i naviganti, dalla sua storia più antica alle epoche segnate dal culto di San Nicola, fino all’approdo a Bari, nel 1991, della nave Vlora carica di profughi albanesi. La Puglia è un ponte per i Balcani, una porta d’oriente, e queste strane figure, immaginarie, multiculturali e senza tempo sembrano dare il benvenuto agli stranieri provenienti dal mare, dando loro un assaggio della cultura multiforme e accogliente della loro nuova casa.


What are these three colossal figures looking at? It is the Adriatic sea, right in front of the wall where Italian artist Dem decided to mold them. It is the same Adriatic sea that shaped the life and culture of those civilizations who colonized Puglia, right before the Romans: Peucetians, Iapyges, Messapii and Dauni, their ancient imageries seem to melt in Dem’s colorful trio, made of a feminine figure, a masculine one, then a sort of mythological being, an aquatic animal. A Iapigian terracotta statuette from 400-300 b.C. served as inspiration for the female figure, while a selection of Daunian steles was the background on which the artist gave a face to the masculine one, as well as the “flower of life” motif. A creature of the sea, the mythological animal is an original invention by Dem: a “powerful” being, inspired by the Nommo aquatic spirits, half fishes half divinities worshipped by the Dogon people (Mali, Western Africa), and also appearing under different names in other civilizations, like the Assirians, the Hopi and the Aboriginal. This third element is particularly emblematic of this artwork’s spirit and purpose: because of its special location in the Mediterranean sea, Puglia has always been a crossroad of different peoples and a dock for seafarers, from its most ancient history up to Saint Nicholas’ cult and the 1991 docking of the Albanian ship “Vlora”, filled with refugees, in Bari. Puglia is a bridge to the Balcans, a gate to the East, and these bizarre, imaginary, multicultural and transhistorical figures seem to salute foreigners coming from the sea, giving them a glimpse of the manifold, welcoming culture of their temporary or permanent new home.


Bari Real Estate #8: La Fille Bertha, “Came in a Dream”


In questo lavoro ho voluto preservare la superficie “intaccata” del muro, nel suo stato degradato, utilizzandola quasi come fosse un pattern del disegno stesso, interagendo sia su lei che attraverso lei, rendendo anch’essa protagonista, con i suoi segni del tempo, dell’opera. I personaggi centrali osservano il mondo come fossero quasi affacciati da un sipario, creando un’interazione che ricerca lo sguardo dei passanti accidentali. I due, provenendo “dal mondo dietro il sipario”, sanno cosa lì si cela. Le figure esterne fluttuano in un cosmo magico dove tutto è sospeso, come in un sogno senza confini e senza tempo, dove la simbologia presente richiama la dimensione onirica e dell’inconscio.

From the artist:

In this work i wanted to “preserve” the damaged surface of the wall, in order to use it like it was the very pattern of the artwork, through their mutual interaction and making use of the signs left by time. The two characters in the middle observe the world like they were looking from a curtain, thus trying to catch the eye of accidental bystanders. They seem to know what is there behind that curtain: external figures fluctuate in a magic cosmos where everything is suspended, like in a limitless and timeless dream, where the symbols of the present summon the subconscious and the oniric dimension.


Bari Real Estate #7: Amor

Alla fine di un lungo itinerario europeo, l’artista argentino approda a Bari, lasciandosi affascinare dalla storia dei tanti domini stranieri susseguitisi nella regione Puglia. Rappresentando sul lungo ponte di Corso Cavour queste diverse radici culturali, Amor sembra volerci ricordare che l’antico tema dello scontro ed incontro delle popolazioni è sin troppo attuale in tanti luoghi del pianeta.

At the end of a long European tour, the Argentinian artist came to Bari and got instantly fascinated by the rich history of foreign dominations in Puglia. Corso Cavour bridge became thus the visual theater of all those cultural roots, and Amor’s purpose is to remind us that the encounter and the clash among civilizations is still a current issue in several spots of our planet.

better resolution here


Bari Real Estate #6: Soap The Wizard, “Intergalactic planetary”

Ed ecco la nuova bomba sganciata dal nostro Soap The Wizard, sul muro dello stadio del nuoto di Bari. Soap, tra i pionieri dei graffiti a Bari, ha usato i colori primari per creare un motivo di forme elementari come stelle, gocce, cerchi e linee serpeggianti.

Here’s the fresh bomb dropped by our Soap The Wizard, on the wall of Bari’s swim stadium. Soap, one of Bari’s graffiti pioneers, realized a primary colored pattern made of elementary shapes like stars, drops, circles and wiggly lines.


BRE #5: Alfano + Soap the Wizard + local kids “Epic Swag”

“Epic Swag” non è solo il risultato della collaborazione fra Alfano e Soap the Wizard nel quartiere di Enziteto, è soprattutto il risultato del lavoro del duo con alcuni ragazzini del quartiere. “Swag”, termine-tormentone proveniente dalla cultura USA e fatto proprio dagli adolescenti locali, diventa una sorta di foresta ideale, abitata da animali e piante creati direttamente dai bambini, grazie alla loro immaginazione, e reinterpretati dai due artisti attraverso l’uso dei soli colori primari.

“Epic Swag” is not only the result of the collaboration between Alfano and Soap the Wizard in Enziteto: it is above all the result of the collaboration of the duo with some of the neighborhood kids. “Swag”, an earworm coming from the US culture and totally grasped by the locals, became a sort of ideal forest inhabited by animals and plants directly coming from children’s imagination and reinterpreted by the two artists through the exclusive use of the primary colors.


Bari Real Estate #4: Lauda, “Sogno di una notte di piena estate”

Uno dei più bravi e originali writer italiani della sua generazione, Lauda, è arrivato a Bari accettando la sfida di dipingere una nuova enorme palazzina nel quartiere San Pio di Bari. Così ha voluto reinterpretare nella sua colorata e fumettata maniera alcuni degli elementi naturali e popolari di Bari, come il mare, il polipo e la birra ghiacciata. “Tutti e tre questi elementi mi sembravano fortemente legati all’identità della città, ai suoi abitanti ed ai loro gusti”.

One of the best and most original Italian writers of his generation, Lauda came to Bari and accepted the challenge of painting a huge mural in San Pio. So, he reinterpreted in his colorful and cartoonesque world some of Bari’s natural and popular motives, like the see, the octopus and icy beer. “Each one of these elements can play a symbolic role for the city: something about its identity and taste”.

Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15
Alberonero x BRE15

Bari Real Estate #3: Alberonero “Double, 30 tones”

Alberonero è tornato a trovarci e ha tracciato una sua nuova grande composizione su questo muro abbandonato nei sobborghi baresi. Il quadrato, suo leitmotiv artistico, scelto per la sua semplicità e compiutezza, viene sempre replicato con l’obiettivo di dialogare con il contesto. In questo caso, Alberonero ha scelto una superficie dimezzata: da sinistra a destra i suoi quadrati virano dal blu al giallo, dai colori freddi a quelli caldi, sviluppando un movimento che si intreccia con il lato destro del muro. “Volevo interpretare la superficie come una trasformazione: un nuovo strato per un muro abbandonato, come se il lavoro pittorico potesse confondersi con l’architettura preesistente”.

Alberonero stopped by and dropped another great composition of his on a wall in an abandoned place in the suburbs of Bari. The square, his artistic leitmotiv chosen for its simplicity and completeness, is always replicated and meant to dialogue with the context. In this case, Alberonero chose a split surface: from the left to the right, his squares turn from blue to yellow, from cold to warm colors and engage in movement with the embrasures on the right side of the wall. “I wanted to interpret the surface as a transformation: a new layer for an abandoned wall, like if the pictorial work could camouflage with the preexistent architecture.”

M.N.EmptyName 36

Bari Real Estate #2: Geometric Bang, “Marea”

Geometric Bang ha dato il titolo “Marea” a questa nuova parete realizzata per Bari Real Estate 2015, situata in un sotto-ponte nel centro di Bari, per via della sua forma: “mi ha fatto ricordare un’onda, poi ho immaginato una marea fatta di persone, cose, animali, pianti, fiori e quant’altro”.
Lo stile illustrativo e immaginifico di Geometric Bang è sempre caratterizzato dalla presenza di diversi elementi che l’artista raccoglie dal contesto che lo ospita: “mentre disegnavo ho conosciuto tante persone del quartiere: un scrittore ed artista di 80 anni che mi parlava della vita e delle donne, paragonabili agli angeli; un francese che si lamentava di come l’Italia investa poco nella cultura, un gruppo di ragazzi che mi ha chiesto almeno tre volte se lo avessi fatto tutto da solo il muro, e poi molti sorrisi e tanti pollici alzati dalle persone che passavano di li con la macchina o la bicicletta. La marea è anche questo, è composta da tutte queste persone, è composta di tante parole belle e brutte che mi hanno accompagnato durante il lavoro. Questo disegno è per tutti loro, per regalare un po’ di energia positiva ad una città meravigliosa che ha tanto da dare”.

Geometric Bang gave this title (“tide”) to his brand new mural, which is located on the sidewall of a bridge, because of its shape: “It made me think about a wave, then I imagined it as a tide made of people, stuff, animals, plants, flowers, and so on”. Geometric Bang’s illustrational and imaginative style is always characterized by the presence of several elements that the artist grabs from the surroundings: “While I was drawing, I’ve met lots of people from the neighborhood: a 80 y.o. author and artists who told me about life and women, a French man living in Bari who complained about how little Italy invests on culture, a group of guys asking me at least three times if I was painting the wall all by myself, then lots of smiling faces and thumbs-up from bystanders, bikers and drivers. This is exactly what I mean when I say ‘tide’: a tide that is made of this people, of each polite or even rude word I’ve heard during my intervention. This drawing is for everyone, my hope being that of spreading some good vibes to this amazing, generous city.”


Bari Real Estate #1 – Alfano, “Struggle for life and death”

Rieccoci. Il nostro progetto Real Estate è tornato, e lo stiamo portando in diversi punti di Bari. Questo è il primo muro disegnato, realizzato da Alfano di fronte ad una scuola superiore nel cuore della città.
Lo stile peculiare di Alfano è per lo più orientato all’estetica dei disegni infantili, degli adolescenti e di persone con disabilità o problemi psichici, e spesso nasce da esperienze dirette con queste realtà. Questo ultimo lavoro, che fa parte del ciclo
“Struggle for life and death/Lotta per la sopravvivenza”, una serie di lavori ispirati ad un tema allo stesso tempo attuale e ancestrale, è un invito alla partecipazione.
Il tratto impreciso e gli spazi vuoti sono strumenti pensati con l’intento di sbloccare l’inibizione dell’osservatore e di spingerlo ad un’interazione attiva con uno spazio di cui dovrebbe essere il legittimo e primario fruitore.
“Struggle for life and death/Lotta per la sopravvivenza” è inoltre un tributo al graffitismo urbano di prima maniera, un linguaggio diretto che sottolinea l’esigenza di esprimersi liberamente nel proprio ambiente naturale.

Here we go again. Our Real Estate project is back, and we are taking it to several spots of Bari. Here is the first mural, made by Alfano in front of a high school downtown. Alfano’s peculiar style is mostly inspired by childish-teenage aesthetics, and by the drawings of people with mental or physical disabilities. Most often, Alfano’s works are the result of a direct interaction with them. It is the case for the present work, from a series named “Struggle for life and death”, inspired by a subject that is at once primitive and current, and meant to encourage participation: the deliberately rough, inaccurate lines and all the empty spaces have the specific purpose of overcoming inhibition in the observer and push him/her towards a direct interaction with a surface he/she should own and make use of.
“Struggle for life and death” is, furthermore, a tribute to old-school graffiti writing, a straightforward language meant to highlight the need to freely express in one’s own natural environment.

Sequenza 01.Immagine006
Gola Hundun olio santo risoprint
Olio Santo
Sequenza 01.Immagine010
Sequenza 01.Immagine009

OLIO SANTO is finished!

Here is our last project…finished! We started working with Gola Hundun on November 2014, then he came back to Bari in order to realize this stunning and somewhat enigmatic mural in the northern part of town, close to the seaside. As you can see, the mural features an olive tree: olive trees have been recently exposed to threats like illegal eradication for clandestine commercial purposes, as well as to Xylella, a bacterium which has caused the death of several plants in southern Apulia.
We hope you’ll enjoy it and, please, come and visit our amazing land (and studio)!

Sequenza 01.Immagine009
Sequenza 01.Immagine008
Sequenza 01.Immagine007
Sequenza 01.Immagine010
Sequenza 01.Immagine006
Sequenza 01.Immagine005
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OLIO SANTO, an instant opening by Gola Hundun

Here’s some pictures of last Friday’s instant opening with Gola Hundun (www.golahundun.com). The Italian artist will be back to Bari on January 2015 to realize a mural for OLIO SANTO project. “Olio Santo” (“holy oil”) is a typical spicy olive oil used in Southern Italian gastronomy. Puglia is filled with secular olive trees, a precious cultural and natural heritage that currently is under threat, because of an increasing number of eradications for illicit commercial purposes. OLIO SANTO aims to create awareness among people about these risks, through a giant olive tree painted on a public wall.

Dem Il matto

DEM for Alejandro Jodorowsky

Last Sunday Alejandro Jodorowsky was presenting his last movie, “La Danza de la Realidad” in Bari and we had the great chance and honor to meet him. For the occasion, the Italian artist DEM realized a drawing of “The Fool” tarot for a new t-shirt. Here’s some pictures.

Promo video for Enziteto Real Estate

Antonio Pellegrino realized an incredible short video-documentary during Enziteto Real Estate. While waiting for the entire movie, here’s the promo.



Here you can find various, smaller spots painted by the artists.

Ciredz, Overview

WALL #4: “Overview”, by Ciredz

…And four! Ciredz!
Pictures by Antonio Pellegrino and Mario Nardulli.


WALL #3: “La grandezza del mare immenso”, Tellas

Pictures by Antonio Pellegrino and Mario Nardulli.


WALL #2: “By Stefano, 36 tones”, by Alberonero

Check the amazing, colorful, abstract painting Alberonero dropped on one of San Pio’s walls.
Pictures by Antonio Pellegrino and Mario Nardulli.

Sequenza 01.Immagine022

WALL #1: “San Pio is watching you”, Alfano + Geometric Bang

Alfano + Geometric Bang (aka “Funky Horror Vacui”) completed this amazing wall in San Pio. Pictures by Antonio Pellegrino and Mario Nardulli.

Bari Graffiti

Bari Graffiti

We are happy to announce the release of “Bari Graffiti”, a documentary about the birth and developing of graffiti-writing in our hometown, Bari. The movie was produced by V-Roots, a urban art cultural association we founded in 2010. On June 19 there will be a preview of the movie in Bari, at Galleria Theater.

Here we go!


Pigment Workroom is proud to announce to the street art and graffiti community the official inauguration of its activities.

“ENZITETO REAL ESTATE – A colorful escape to the sububrs” is our launching show.
The stage of Pigment’s first intervention is San Pio’s neighborhood (formerly known as Enziteto, and still called like that by its inhabitants) in Bari.
Our first guests are five street artists from Italy: Alberonero (http://www.alberonero.org/), Alfano (http://www.robialfano.com/), Ciredz (http://lovegrayscale.tumblr.com/), Geometric Bang (http://www.geometricbang.com/) e Tellas (http://www.tellas.org/), and they are going to be active on site starting on June, 9 2015. We will soon announce the date of our finissage, a finishing event in which we aim to show photo and video footage of the interventions, and most of all to exhibit the artwork produced by the artists in our laboratory.

The title of the event aims sarcastically at the cliché that wants housing projects neighborhoods to be aesthetically insignificant and in ill repute. On the one hand, ENZITETO REAL ESTATE will try to provide San Pio’s inhabitants with a modest but a meaningful moment of distraction through art and colors. On the other, we wish this to be a stimulus for Bari’s citizens to visit San Pio: a neighborhood, despite its geographic exclusion from the urban conglomerate, that is more and more showing a strong release will from its original condition and its bad reputation, especially by means of artistic and creative activities.

Ours will not be a simple intervention of urban aestheticization an requalification: Pigment and its artists will effectively involve the children, boys and girls of the neighborhood in their creative activities, thus encouraging artistic participation as a form of social activism.

To make this sustainable, Pigment Workroom will regularly produce and sell high-quality, finely printed art, along with a new concept of zines and artist designed apparel.

Our prints will always be issued in a limited edition, numbered and signed by our artists, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. All of our products are environmentally friendly.
Most importantly: they are affordable. We strongly believe that collecting art isn’t a game only for seniors and riches. We want to give all ages-and-wages people the exciting chance of starting their own collection, and at the same time, of letting us help suburbs and abandoned spaces to be part of a vibrant artistic community.

Check our blog (link). Visit our store (link). Feel free to get in touch.